Minimal Access Solutions (MAS) was set up in July 2005 with an objective to offer high quality laparoscopic products for General Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology at a competitive price.

With years of experience, our sales personnel can offer advice and suggest the most cost effective ways for you to obtain long lasting instrumentation at a price you can afford.

Our range has now expanded to include Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT and we have recently put together a selection of products for Cardiac Surgery.

We believe that in conjunction with the manufacturers below, we can offer you, our customer, this “best value for money” solution.

We are UK distributors for :-


  • Sunoptics Surgical - Fibreoptic cables
  • Henke Sass Wolf - Rigid telescopes
  • Tontarra - Laparoscopic instrumentation & accessories


  • Tontarra - Rongeurs and spinal surgery instrumentation
  • Sunoptics - SDS headlight camera system

Plastic Surgery

  • Sunoptics - Headlight systems
  • Hermann - Instrumentation including brow lift, micro instruments, micro specialist scissors and a wide range of other specialist plastics instrumentation


  • Sunoptics - Headlights, light sources and fibre light cables
  • Optim - Nasopharyngoscope (including LED - no light source required)
  • Henke Sass Wolf - FESS telescopes
  • UK Pattern instrumentation from several UK manufacturers including, laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes and micro instrumentation

To protect your instrumentation investment, a wide range of baskets and containers is also available All our instrumentation is available with protection by our All our instrumentation is available fully containerised utilising the Bahadir sterile container system. We provide a wide range of everything in our range is fully compliant with EC regulations and of course all our products have the manufacturers CE mark and certification.

All the laparoscopic instruments supplied by Minimal Access Solutions can be containerised utilising the SteriCon container system which you can see on the SteriCon website Full Sized Container

These EN868-8 compliant containers eliminate the risk of torn drapes and provide a proven aluminium barrier allowing the safe movement of your sterile instrument investment over long or short distances.

Utilising the many years of experience and expertise our sales personnel possess, we have also started selling open surgery instrumentation for several specialities including :-

  • Plastic surgery
  • ENT
  • Neuro surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Urology
  • Cardiac

All the instrumentation we sell is manufactured either in the UK, USA or Germany to the highest standards for theatre useMesh Silicone Matting

Whether you need laparoscopic instrumentation, single use products or container systems, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Minimal Access Solutions, our goal is to provide you with a courteous, expedient and professional service of the highest caliber.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Minimal Access Solutions representative regarding our products, please give us a ring on 0114 247 6876 or alternatively you can e-mail us at the following address

At Minimal Access Solutions, you, the customer, always comes first.

Minimal Access Solutions (MAS) is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive UK distributor for Sunoptics Surgical. Sunoptics Surgical (a division of Sunoptic Technologies) is a leading US manufacturer of high quality headlight cameras, standard headlights and fibre optic cables for medical use.




Sunoptic Technologies is a world leader in headlight systems and fibre optic technology. All Sunoptics products are made in Florida, USA, to the highest standards and include exclusive products such as the only 400w Xenon light source available to innovative devices such as the HD Headlight camera system.



The range includes :-

  • Camera Headlights (see below)
  • Xenon Lightsources (180w, 300w, 400w)
  • Halogen Lightsources
  • Metal Halide Lightsources
  • Headlight cables for leading manufacturers products (Bifocated and single cables available in solid or transparent colours.)









Sunoptic Technologies are also manufacturers of the CUDA portfolio of headlights and fibre optic cables. Should you need any CUDA parts or accessories these are also available through Minimal Access Solutions.

Tontarra Laparoscopic and Neurosurgical instruments

Tontarra is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of Neurosurgical instrumentation with a wide choice of Rongeurs in most lengths, widths and have the option of ejectors andtontarra-logo_edited-123/or ceramic coating on most models.


Tontarra also has high quality laparoscopic instrumentation for General Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology which offers excellent value for money combined with an extensive range of products.